TKD Watch is a handy Taekwon-Do app for Apple Watch that puts all pattern moves on your wrist along with a number of other useful tools and features.

Features include:
Pattern Moves - All moves for all patterns. Includes the pattern diagram, which can be viewed at any time whilst scrolling through the noves.
Shuffle Patterns - Select a grade and all patterns up to and including that grade will be presented one at a time, so you can practice your patterns in a different order.
Two Pattern Rounds - Select a grade and two random patterns will be chosen for you to complete, just as in a competition.
Pattern Timings - Suggested timings for patterns. These are not absolute and may depend on the individual. But they do act as a guide to how long the patterns should take to complete.
Taekwon-Do Theory - Useful quick reference for common Taekwon-Do terms in English and Korean.
The app is being actively developed to add new featues all the time.
Please email with any support queries, feature requests or feedback.

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